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Jonathan Kirkscey


The soundtrack for "Won't You Be My Neighbor" featuring my score and several songs of Fred Rogers' is available now on Back Lot Music. You can find it on ItunesAmazon Music, Google Play, and Spotify.

Wo't You Be My Neighbor soundtrack

Duets For Mellotron

I was recently involved in a really cool project called Duets for Mellotron with my friend Robby Grant. We wrote about an hour of original music for Mellotrons and recorded and performed the set at Crosstown Arts. Winston Eggleston and John Markham did the amazing Liquid Light Show visuals. 

Winston also provided all the Mellotrons, four total that we used in the show. We each used one analog tape Mellotron and one digital Mellotron sitting on top.  

It was a ton of fun and the great visuals made it a really immersive experience. So cool when all the components of a project come together so well. 

We're going to release the record on colored vinyl in the fall with some help from Crosstown Arts and Kevin Cubbins, who recorded and mixed the record.

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